How to Spot the Best SEO Company

spring tx SEOIt’s not a secret how SEO and digital marketing turned once-unknown start-ups to thriving online entrepreneurial ventures in the past decade. Gone were the days when small companies struggle with competing against industry giants to make a name for themselves. These days, technology and the Internet created a more level playing field where everybody has the fighting chance to prosper.

When hunting for the perfect SEO company most people consider the basic criteria:

How long were they in the business?

What are the services that they offer?

Are they the most popular in the area?

While these questions are necessary, the fact that a company has existed the longest, or has the broadest variety of services, or the most well-known does not mean it is the most qualified candidate. No two businesses are exactly the same. What might have worked for other people may not work for you.


That said, you must reinforce the decision through more proactive inquiries:

  • Proof of Success – The first question you should ask is, “Have they helped companies rank in SERP’s?” and if so, “how high in SERP ranking have they managed to get?” If you want to find out how effectively a company can run your SEO campaign, take a good look at the past projects that it undertook and their rate of success. Check out what other people are saying about them and their services on their website’s testimonial pages or their social media platforms.
  • In-house or Outsourced Services – Another question to ask is whether the team handles all aspects of the job themselves or outsources some it to third-party SEO companies. Some companies outsource certain tasks to save money. You should have a good insight as to what parts of the campaign are handed to third parties and what the firm itself does.  It is vital that the in-house team does the critical components of the campaign.
  • Personalized services – One more important factor to look for is the agency’s ability to customize their services and tailor it according to the needs and demands of your business. You have to make sure that the agency that you choose to work does their homework. They should be able to employ the right approach to reach your target audience and devise suitable strategies directed towards your ultimate goal.

Getting Started

Now we’re not claiming that asking these simple questions would lead you to the perfect SEO Company. Taking more time to ponder on these points, however, will lessen the chance of you ending up with the wrong one. The beauty of SEO and digital marketing, in general, is that the results of the campaign can be tracked, measured, and evaluated on a regular basis. You and your team can quickly address the strategies that are not working and bolster the ones that are getting good results. You will not be stuck for months, wondering if your marketing technique is a hit or a flop.

For companies and business owners in Texas wishing to extend the reach of their ventures further, maybe the best Spring Texas SEO company can lend you a hand.

by jkyle